Sony ICF-SW55  MINT condition                                       SOLD

Very nice item


Short wave radio




MINT condition

Some electrolytic capacitors were exchanged for new ones. The buffer memory (Goldcap) has been renewed so that the batteries can be replaced without deleting the memory. The radio and all accessories are in really excellent condition. The radio has no scratches or dents, all labels are present and clearly legible. The antenna is straight and the battery compartment is clean. The radio receives a large number of stations on all bands and the sound is very loud and clear again after changing the capacitors.

This radio and all accessories are in very good condition and the radio is absolutely clean and free of grease or nicotine residues.

Look at the pics.

This radio has a lot of features.

It is not possible to list all functions and futures of the radio here.

Worldwide coverage with FM stereo/SW/MW/LW reception

Simple and precise tuning with the controlled PLL synthesizer system

  FM: 87.6 – 108 MHz

LW – MW - SW: 150 – 29,999 kHz

Memory tuning

Up to 125 frequencies can be memorized for Preset Station Tuning.

-Direct tuning

Tuning in the station by inputting the frequency of the station directly

-Manual tuning

Tuning in the station by turning the dial. Even if you don’t know the frequency of the station, you can tune the station precisely

-Scan tuning

Scans automatically through the band and stops at reception

-Built-in timer operation

Turn on the radio automatically at any preset time to a station of your choice. 

-Sleep timer

The timer turns off the radio automatically.

-Stereo FM reception

Use the supplied stereo earphones to enjoy stereo FM.

Will delivered


In excellent technically and optically condition

Supplied accessories

SONY stereo earphones

for hygienic reasons with new foam caps

SONY AC power adaptor

AC plug adaptor

SW compact antenna AN-71

External antenna connector

Carrying case for ICF-SW55

Operating Instructions

Wave Handbook

And other papers

All papers have minimal usage traces

Original plastic case

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I sold the item “as is”, so it is not possible to give any guarantee on it!


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